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For the first time in years, I don’t have to sit uncomfortably on all my everyday carry items! They’re completely accessible to me while sitting at my desk, in my car, or in line at the store.

– Martin B. of Tennessee

I travel internationally and enjoy being able to keep my passport, wallet, and other personal items close to my person and well-concealed, whether at dinner, in church, or at the theater.

– Alan O. of Ohio

There’s really not another shirt I’ve found that holds my Everyday Carry like this one. I can be comfortable without having to unload all my gear, so I am always prepared.

– Michael D. of Texas

For years, I’ve been searching for a way to carry everyday items safely, securely, and comfortably without resorting to a “man purse.” The Everyday Carry shirt is the ultimate solution. It’s totally comfortable. It looks great. It really does the job.

– Peter C. of Tennessee

These are the best executed Everyday Carry shirts on the market. They are built to last. Buy with confidence.

– Daniel W. of Tennessee

No more trying to keep my pants up with side carry or being poked in the back. I have easy access to my Everyday Carry even while seated in the car with seat belt fastened.

– Charlie W. of Tennessee

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