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An Everyday Shirt For Everyday Carry

The Truly Innovations Everyday Carry shirt is the perfect solution for anyone looking for a more comfortable and secure way to carry everyday gear. It was developed and designed to be versatile – perfectly suitable for a variety of different environments, from the office to the outdoors – tactical function without the tactical style.

The inner vest is attached to the shirt, and the breakaway front opening allows for quick-and-easy access to whatever you may be carrying. The patented design provides you with true balance. And for those who carry concealed, our patented mesh is designed to not catch or snag on anything – for a truly safe, comfortable and secure carry.

Our Story – The Story Behind The Shirt


By David Bowers, Founder

During my career in law enforcement and private sector security, my dress code has consisted of business suits, dress shirts, jeans, casual shirts, and vests. No matter what the dress code, one challenge remained the same: How can I carry my everyday gear with a balance that is truly concealed, comfortable, accessible, and secure?

I tried all types and styles of gear and apparel, but I never found one that met my primary criteria. Wearing overtly tactical clothing that screamed, “I’m carrying a weapon!” or “I’m a cop!” was simply not an option. Ironically, in 2016 a colleague of mine – an experienced outdoorsman and concealed carry advocate – expressed the same challenges that I had in my career. In the ensuing months, he and I sought out to develop a product that would accomplish this objective. We realized that people know in today’s environment, they make themselves a target based on what they wear and how they carry their everyday items.

After speaking with countless travelers, outdoorsmen, law enforcement colleagues, and the Everyday Carry community, we saw a need for a shirt that would be versatile enough to accommodate everyday gear without the need for additional portfolios, backpacks, holsters, shoulder bags, fanny packs, or money belts. That challenged us to design a product that would meet those original criteria, in multiple styles, allowing users an alternative to blend in instead of being targeted by pickpockets and criminals.

The concept for Truly’s Everyday Carry Shirt was developed over years of on-the-job, real-world experience and was refined through extensive testing and feedback. Whether you’re working, traveling, enjoying the outdoors, or out with family and friends, the Truly Everyday Carry Shirt gives you real versatility – tactical function without tactical style.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you. We hope you’ll make Truly Innovations part of your everyday wardrobe.

Our Story – Introduction


Truly Innovations is an apparel company dedicated to providing alternative options in the Everyday Carry market, with a focus on concealment, comfort, accessibility, and security. Our Products offer versatility that gives you the ability to move with confidence and freedom, no matter where you are or what you’re carrying.

Truly Innovations was founded in 2016 and is headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee.

How It Works – Right Column


  • Vest pocket size accommodates all subcompact and most compact firearms.
  • Vest mesh material allows for breathability, eliminates printing, and ensures complete safety.
  • Elastic positioning straps keep holster pockets comfortably in position while standing, sitting, bending or stretching.
  • Twill lining reduces risk of snagging everyday carry items inside the pocket on entry or exit

How It Works – Left Column


  • Patent-pending inner vest features elastic positioning straps for a customized fit that remains tailored to the wearer throughout the day.
  • Keeps everyday carry gear safely and securely in one place – not crammed in various pockets, on your belt, or in backpacks.


  • Faux buttons backed with breakaway Velcro provide instant, easy access to inner vest.
  • Keeps important items such as: wallets, money clips, cell phones and travel documents out of pockets or backpacks, and securely out of reach of pick pockets.
  • Internal Velcro flap keeps possessions in place – including a firearm – allowing for freedom of movement.

How It Works – Main Text

The Everyday Carry Shirt is a brand-new product on the market, but it’s really much more than that. This is a truly new concept in apparel, offering men a comfortable, secure and versatile solution to carrying their everyday carry gear, including subcompact and most compact firearms. The Everyday Carry Shirt is the answer to your search for a concealed and secure way to everyday carry or carry concealed without the need for additional gear.

Truly’s patent-pending inner vest is integrated into the shirt, and the front faux-button opening allows for quick-and-easy access to the inner vest pockets. The game changer in Truly’s design is the elastic positioning straps that allow the wearer to adjust the inner vest to his body type for a comfortable and balanced fit throughout the day. This is not a one-size-fits-all shirt. And for those who will conceal carry, our mesh pockets are designed to minimize printing while ensuring comfort and concealment.